Employment Status for Dental Associates

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Employment Status for Dental Associates

As many of you may already know, HMRC has been targeting grey areas in the employment statuses of job categories across many industries, including dental. Associate Dentists across the UK have been receiving letters informing them of the changes.


The news has been taken both positively and negatively for different reasons. Some are concerned about the financial implications that updating their status could impose and have been advised to gain financial advice before doing so. However, the change also brings many potential benefits for those who are currently being exploited by their employment status. The new rules will offer people more security in their roles and in their working rights, such as pay and maternity/paternity leave.


Last year JFH Law, a specialist in both employment and dental law, reported on the changes that other industries such as the plumbing industry have experienced and how dental could follow suit. Now that HRMC’s plans seem to be in action, the article below is worth a read as it provides some useful information on what is legally classed as a worker-employer relationship, and gives an insight into previous tribunal cases from other sectors.

Click here to read “Dental associates; workers or self-employed? The tide is turning”


The BDA is looking for information from those of you who have received letters from HMRC regarding the changes so that they can monitor any potential developments. To read the full article and find out what they need from you, click below.

Click here to read “HMRC letters to associate dentists over employment status”

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