Sugar Aware at Christmas

Who doesn’t like to overindulge over Christmas?! I know I do.

But did you know there’s sugar hidden in some unsuspected places? We’ve done a festive roundup, so you can head into the festive period a little bit more informed!

First up the food. Obviously, we’re all partial to a few extra chocs over Christmas, but did you know binging on a medium Christmas selection box (containing a massive 81g of sugar) equates to 270% of your recommended daily intake. Yikes!


And what about those hidden sugars?

  • The average teaspoon of Cranberry sauce contains 4.1g of sugar.
  • Tasty stuffing averages at 4.1g per slice.
  • Honey glazed vegetables contain around a fifth of your daily allowance per 100g.
  • Christmas cookies contain 15g of sugar (half of your daily intake)
  • Christmas pudding contains a massive 41.9g of sugars, a staggering 139% of your daily intake!!


And how about the booze? Again we all like a tipple over the festive period, but did you know Mulled wine has a whopping three and a half spoonsful of sugar per glass??

And some of our other festive favourites are heaped with sugar too…


We may not be dentists, but we certainly talk to a lot of them here as dental recruiters and we know tooth decay is a serious issue here in the UK, So it’s important to be sugar aware all year round not just at Christmas.


So finally, if you really want to overdo it on something Christmassy, why not tuck into the cheese?! A cheeseboard offers a more low-sugar alternative. With the average serving containing only 1g of the sweet stuff.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from myself and Rachelle!  

Happy Christmas from Skillsearch Dental



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